Project Euler problem 132 - Solved


The statement of this problem can be found here.

In order to solve this problem the first important thing to notice is how a repunit can be represented:

Therefore, we can express if a repunit is divisible by p like:

So if , then p divides . The problem now is how to calculate the remainder in an efficient way as it is impossible to calculate the remainder to a number of a thousand million digits. Here we can use Modular exponentiation as what we need to calculate is the remainder of a number than can be expressed as a power with base 10 and exponent 9.

The solution for this code in Python (problem132.py) is really simple (the CommonFunctions file can be found in my wiki):

from CommonFunctions import *
from itertools import *

if __name__ == '__main__':
    primes = find_primes_less_than(10 ** 6)
    base = 10
    exp = 10 ** 9
    result = sum(islice((p for p in primes if mod_pow(base, exp, 9 * p) == 1), 0, 40))
    print("The result is:", result)    
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