New Blog: past and future


I’ve finally decided to renew my blog. Blogger is quite dead and was pretty uncomfortable to work with. I am not fond of writing CSS nor HTML and I wasn’t able to get the blog to look the way I wanted in an easy manner.

Also, I am quite a control and order freak. Blogger didn’t provide me an easy way to backup the stuff I had there, nor there was a way for me to have revisions of how the blog had been evolving.

One of the worst things that I’ve found with Blogger is how hard it was to write posts that included code highlighting. I had to fall back to the HTML editor and embed a pre tag to make it work. Having to switch back and forth from WYSIWYG editor to the HTML one was a pain, specially in posts where there was a lot of code sections.

So I started looking at what platforms were available to switch over. My objective was to find a platform that was easy to deploy and maintain, that I could keep the content in a git repo and that I could write posts in markdown format. I didn’t actually care whether I would need to host the site myself or use a service. Another thing that I was really looking for was that there was a good amount of layout offerings online simple enough for me to modify to my taste.

After seeing many different options I decided to settle with Jekyll. It really is all I have been looking for. Markdown writing of posts, integrated syntax highlighting and zero dependencies for deployment (it generates a static site).

I also found this cool layout (thanks to Scott Emmons for making it!) which I modified a little bit to give it a personal touch. The most frustrating part was trying to get the “mini-profile” section on the left to look the way I wanted!

You might be wondering what am I gonna do with my previous blog and its content. Well, I am going to migrate the contents and shut it down. I don’t know if I will be able to migrate everything soon enough but eventually I will.

I am hoping I can be more active from now on this blog that what I have been in blogger the last couple of years. I will try to write more often and, hopefully, I will try to explore other topics than programming.